Why Join?

For more than 40 years, NAFIS has been the voice of the Impact Aid community before Congress and the Administration.

Recognizing the unique challenges that school districts face due to the presence of non-taxable Federal land—including Indian Trust and Treaty lands, military installations and other Federal buildings and property—NAFIS advocates to ensure the Federal government meets its obligation to these districts and provides the funds needed to offer their students a quality education.

Your Voice on Capitol Hill


  • Recognized by policymakers as the authority on Impact Aid
  • Engaged in policy advocacy to ensure the Impact Aid community’s voice is heard throughout the policymaking process
  • Leading efforts to update Impact Aid legislation and regulations to meet the changing needs of federally impacted school districts, including through increased funding

Your Source for Impact Aid Information and Technical Assistance

NAFIS membership benefits include:

  • Weekly and bi-monthly newsletters and Information Action Alerts providing up-to-date information about Impact Aid policy, regulatory changes, funding and more
  • An annual database of estimated Impact Aid school district payments
  • Technical assistance on navigating the Impact Aid program to ensure your school district receives all of the funding it deserves, including:
  • Estimating Impact Aid payments
  • Advising on the Impact Aid application
  • Navigating the policy process
  • A direct link to the U.S. Department of Education, helping get you the support and answers you need
  • Access to the Federally Impacted Schools Educational Foundation (FISEF), which includes opportunities to participate in technical assistance workshops and apply for annual grants

Your Professional Network!

NAFIS also:

  • Serves as a national network of public school leaders in federally impacted school districts with whom you can share successes, compare challenges and implement solutions
  • Offers two national conferences per year in the nation’s capital, during which members have an opportunity to hear from policy experts, meet with U.S. Department of Education staff and meet with their Federal elected officials
  • Leads a growing social media community sharing information about #ImpactAid
  • Runs the NAFIS Action Center to help amplify voices in support of Impact Aid

Join Today!

NAFIS membership dues are based on a percentage of the Impact Aid funding your school district receives. The school district is the member, allowing multiple school district representatives to take advantage of NAFIS benefits including our newsletters and conference member rates.

To learn more, contact Lynn Watkins at 202-624-5455 or via e-mail.