Graphic: 65% of federally impacted school districts rated the condition of their facilities as fair or poorFederally impacted school districts have limited bonding capacity to generate revenue for school facilities due to the presence of nontaxable Federal property. Since 1950, the Federal government has recognized its obligation to support construction and facilities needs for federally impacted schools, with money allocated by formula and competitive grants through Section 7007 of the Impact Aid statute. Funding for this section of the law falls far below what is required to meet federally impacted school districts’ needs. NAFIS promotes awareness of those needs and advocates for increased funding to meet them.

Statement of Support for Economic Justice Act (11/10/20)
NAFIS supports the Economic Justice Act, which uses funding previously appropriated through the CARES Act for a broad range of community investments, including $115 billion for a “Down Payment on Building 21st Century Infrastructure.” The bill includes $119,568,765 for Impact Aid construction spread over three years.

Sign-On Letter on Need to Include Funds for Emergency School Facilities Repairs in Federal COVID-19 Relief (7/15/20)
NAFIS joins more than 40 organizations on the [Re]-Build America’s School Infrastructure Coalition (BASIC) letter to congressional leaders in support of including $10 billion for emergency school facilities repairs in the next COVID-19 emergency relief package. The letter specifically encourages targeting these funds to the neediest school districts – including a set-aside for Impact Aid school districts.

Sign-On Letter on Need to Include Rebuild America’s Schools Act in Federal COVID-19 Relief (5/7/20)
NAFIS joins more than 85 organizations on the BASIC coalition’s letter to congressional leaders in support of including the Rebuild America’s Schools Act as a part of COVID-19 recovery stimulus packages.

Sign-On Letter in Support of Federal COVID-19 Relief for Rural Communities (5/6/20)
NAFIS joins more than 250 organizations on a letter to congressional leaders in support of COVID-19 stimulus provisions focused on the unique needs of rural communities. Specifically, the letter requests access to clean and safe drinking water and wastewater facilities, secure and dependable transportation, reliable and affordable power, healthcare, housing, and broadband and research institutions with state-of-the-art facilities.

Sign-On Letter on Need to Rebuild School Infrastructure (1/23/20)
NAFIS joins 35 organizations on the Rebuild America’s Schools coalition’s letter to House leadership supporting their commitment to investing in the nation’s infrastructure and urging them to include schools in the House infrastructure package.

Impact Aid Infrastructure Act Sign-On Letter (8/14/19)
Eighteen organizations join NAFIS in urging members of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 3647, the Impact Aid Infrastructure Act, which would invest in the facilities of federally impacted school districts.

Impact Aid Infrastructure Act (7/10/19)
Proposed legislation would provide a one-time infusion of funds into the Impact Aid Construction program to address the significant backlog of infrastructure projects in federally impacted school districts.

Rebuild America’s Schools Act Endorsement Letter (2/25/19)
NAFIS supports the Rebuild America’s Schools Act of 2019, which includes a $172 million infusion into Impact Aid Section 7007 to help address the backlog of infrastructure projects in federally impacted school districts.

Statement for the Record – Senate Indian Affairs Committee Roundtable, School Infrastructure Needs in Indian Country: Examining Opportunities for Success (7/26/18)
NAFIS recommends a one-time, $1 billion investment in the Impact Aid Section 7007 line item to address the significant backlog of needs for public school facilities educating American Indian students.

NAFIS School Construction Report (8/28/17)
Foundations for Learning: The Facilities Needs of Federally Impacted Schools describes the troubling findings of a survey of NAFIS member school districts’ facilities needs. Many federally impacted school districts have facilities in dire conditions and lack the local resources to upgrade them. More than $4.2 billion in projects are identified as “the most pressing construction need.” Health and safety, heating and cooling, roofing and capacity complications are widespread, and there is a lack of funds for technology and modernization to support 21st century learning environments. The mounting costs and risks of deferred maintenance on student well-being and academic potential are concerning.

Rebuild America’s Schools Act Endorsement Letter (5/16/17)
NAFIS expresses support for the Rebuild America’s Schools Act of 2017, which includes language to allocate $100 million for Impact Aid Section 7007.

FY09/10 ARRA Impact Aid Discretionary Construction Program
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 included $100 million funds for the Impact Aid construction line item. ARRA funds were distributed through discretionary grants (60 percent) and through a formula to school districts highly impacted with Indian lands and military students (40 percent). 179 school districts in 26 states received funding through the Formula Grants and 24 school districts in 12 states were awarded Discretionary Construction Grants. NAFIS advocated strongly for this funding based on the federal obligation and existing federal program and administrative capacity to administer the funds.

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