To help NAFIS members share their stories with elected officials and strengthen their own communities’ advocacy efforts, NAFIS develops advocacy tools and shares locally developed materials.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is activity in support of a particular cause or policy. This activity can take many forms – for example, sending an e-mail or calling your Member of Congress.

The most successful advocates build long-term relationships in support of their cause. Establishing and sustaining connections with policymakers, agency leaders, and even the media can position you as a trusted expert, and developing alliances with other education stakeholders can help you support and amplify each other’s messages.

Why Advocate?

The NAFIS Family advocates to help shape policy that will affect the 1,100-plus federally impacted public school districts that together educate more than 10 million students across the nation. While NAFIS advocates on behalf of the Impact Aid program at the federal level, your voice as a constituent is critical – in Washington, DC, as well as in your state and community.

You are the most passionate, knowledgeable experts about the need for Impact Aid funding. You know what Impact Aid is used for and that impact that it has. Without your input, stories, and shared experience, competing interests are more likely to sway policymakers’ decisions.

How Can You Advocate?

  • Enter your information to find your Members of Congress
  • Use the template provided to send a letter to your policymakers supporting Impact Aid
  • Recommend the Action Center to a colleague