To help NAFIS members share their stories with elected officials and strengthen their own communities’ advocacy efforts, NAFIS develops advocacy tools and shares locally developed materials.

Resources include:

NAFIS Action Network
An opportunity for Impact Aid advocates to connect quickly and directly with policymakers through letters and social media.

How to Schedule a Hill Visit
A step-by-step guide to setting up a visit with a congressional office, written specifically for NAFIS Conference visits but applicable any time.

2018 Back to School Impact Aid Packet (8/10/18)
A toolkit helping Impact Aid advocates to educate representatives in Congress and their staff on the program, including sample social media, tips on submitting op-eds, template resolutions and more.

FAQs for Parents (Released 2018)
A FAQs document for parents filling out a Section 7003 Basic Support – Parent-Pupil Survey to help them understand how the information they provide is used and the importance of completing the document.

Overview of Impact Aid (Updated for FY19)
A one-page infographic offering background information on Impact Aid for those not familiar with the program or those needing to refresh their memory.

Sample Resolutions for Local School Districts and State Coalitions