Use these NAFIS sample tweets to spread the word about Impact Aid.

General Advocacy Tweets

#ImpactAid ensures school districts containing federal property get the resources they need so students get the opportunities they deserve. It’s Uncle Sam paying his taxes!

#ImpactAid is the Federal Government’s Property Tax – it replaces lost tax revenue from federal presence (Military, Land, Native American). Please support all #ImpactAid programs and the #NAFISFamily – our kids and schools are worth the investment

Share Your District’s Story

Support for #ImpactAid is vital. Our students and community members are simply incredible. Attach photo/video of students/community.

Our district uses #ImpactAid to pay for school buses, education technology, school counselors & more [change this to fit your school district]. It’s critical in providing students a high-quality education.


Download and share the graphics below on social media.