Use these NAFIS sample tweets to spread the word about Impact Aid

General Advocacy Tweets

#ImpactAid funding is critical in providing tomorrow’s leaders with a high-quality education. Please support all #ImpactAid programs – our kids and schools are worth the investment! @[Tag your Members of Congress] @NAFISschools

Impact Aid supports the education of nearly 10M students across the United States. Support full funding of #ImpactAid! @[Tag your Members of Congress] @NAFISschools

Impact Aid Infrastructure Tweet

Congress should invest in #ImpactAid infrastructure! The Federal government has an obligation to ensure federally connected students have safe, healthy, modern places to learn. @[Tag your Members of Congress] @NAFISschools

Share Your District’s Story

Support for Impact Aid is vital. In my school district, we couldn’t do [change this to fit your school district] without Impact Aid. [Attach photo/video of students/community] @[Tag your Members of Congress]

Did you know that @[Your school district] receives $____ [Find your school district’s total 7002 and/or 7003 payment here] in [7002 and/or 7003] Impact Aid, while it should receive $____ [Find your school district’s total full-funding payment here]. That is more than a ____ shortfall @[Tag your Members of Congress]


Download and share the graphics below on social media.